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On 23rd April 2016 the cultural world will commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of one of the greatest figures in world literature and theatre: playwright, poet, actor and theatre entrepreneur William Shakespeare. He died at the age of 52 in the English town of his birth, Stratford-upon-Avon, on 23rd April 1616, traditionally accepted as his birthday too.  With the yearlong project SHAKESPEARE OSTRAVA 2016 the Ostrava cultural scene joins the whole world in celebrating his remarkable contribution to not only culture, but also the whole of society.

This year, on the anniversary of the death of this most famous of glovers’ sons, Ostrava’s theatres will present his works, libraries will organize discussions, museums will hold exhibitions, actors will stage readings and there will be philharmonic concerts, along with many other events. The celebrations will also be joined by schools, associations and various individuals. The project is an open platform for anybody to come up with anything inspired by the works of William Shakespeare. So throughout 2016 you’ll really be able to come across Shakespeare in every corner of Ostrava.

The idea of SO2016 was an initiative of the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre, the Ostrava Summer Shakespeare Festival and the Cooltour Cultural Centre in Ostrava. Patronage and financial support for the project is provided by the City of Ostrava.

In these times, when society is constantly divided and the media is overloaded with huge amounts of often irrelevant information, the principles of cooperation and positivity in Ostrava are more desirable than ever. This project also highlights the uniqueness of the Ostrava cultural scene. It‘s not usual that such extensive cooperation is able to be organised across cultural scenes, to create and be creative together.

Another part of the project is the distinctive and imaginative graphic concept of the brand-maker and designer Shawn Antoni Wright, working with two of the fluids most characteristic of Shakespeare, blood, representing the man, and ink, symbolizing the story. His visual brand interpretation seeks to create a contrast with the work that it represents. The logo represents an iconic man, Shakespeare, the icon of stage and story. An abstract expression of a concrete work of art is thus created, which aids our perception of being detached from Shakespeare’s legacy while creating a space in which it can be found again.


Project coordinator


Zuzana Vinklárková

732 550 039


  • Cooltour Cultural Centre
    Černá louka 3188
    702 00 Ostrava - Moravská Ostrava
    Czech Republic

    National Moravian-Silesian Theatre
    ul. Čs. legií 148/14
    701 04 Ostrava - Moravská Ostrava
    Czech Republic

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